Small Biz Media in Toronto will keep your web name

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Daniel Murton is big on promises and can't deliver on anything.

What's even worse is that you give him money to register a domain and set up a website for you and he registers the domain in his own name and says that it is standard practise for webdesigners to own the domains of they create even though I am supposed to own my own business' domain and website.

His design was poor and in spite of his claims of being a search engine and media expert after 6 months I still had no visitors to my website. His initial price was low but then he kept on demanding more and more money to get me the "traffic".

He only bids cheap on the work cheap to get you hooked and I sure am not going to pay an additional $5,000 to have the domain I already paid for transfered over to me. This man is unscrupulous.

Don't get fooled by the cheap price that is only the tip of an iceburg and I was a fool to keep giving him thousands for doing a four page website that was supposed to be a lot bigger and have the hundreds of visitors he promised.

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